I had gone to POST Houston when it was first opening to the public in late 2021. The building used to be the main USPS location for Houston, and I’d gone there over the years to send off packages, including film for processing and scanning. I enjoyed walking through and around the remodeled space to see how it had been transformed into a commercial space. It was a bright and clear day, so there was good light that came through the roof into the open spaces below.

I had brought my Ricoh GR-1 with me, along with a short roll of Fujicolor 200. I’ve had this camera since I bought it new, and I try to work it into rotation since it’s so compact and gives me results that I like. I found a mix of tight and wide views to capture – these are highlights from the 21 frames that I shot.

The image of the rotated orange cube on the roof is one I used in shows and art auctions in 2022, and I was happy that it sold each time at those auctions – it was nice to see others appreciated that view of contrasting geometry.

Ricoh GR-1
Fujicolor 200