It had been a while since I used my Fujifilm GA645 Professional. I wanted to test some Ilford Pan F 50 Plus that expired in 1999, and thought this autofocus 645 body would be a good way to go. I shot the roll at 25, and am pretty happy with the tonal range in the images from film that’s almost twenty years old. There is a pattern that I notice in areas of flat color – I’m not sure if that’s due to the age of the film. I’ll have to shoot more from this expired stock in 120 and 35mm to see what happens.

This was also my first time using the data option on the camera. I set it to capture the shutter speed and aperture, which is written in the negative just outside each frame. It’s one less thing to log when shooting, so I can pay more attention to capturing what I see.

There were a couple of shots where the sun was interfering with autofocus – I’ve since looked up how to use manual focus on the body so I can override it when needed.