Not bad for a $40 rangefinder.

I found my first rangefinder with manual controls at a pawn shop in 2013 – it was a Konica Auto S2. It still had its original black case with Konica label on the front, and the body was pretty clean.

The controls are pretty simple – focus, ISO, shutter speed and aperture are all on the lens. The frame lines inside the viewfinder shift with the focus, which is a nice touch. For a ’60’s rangefinder, the viewfinder is still pretty bright, and the center patch is still visible for focus in a contrasting yellow color.

I ran a roll of Kodak Gold 200 though the camera. The film expired in 2002 and it’s been waiting patiently in the fridge to be shot. I got some nice colors and stills out of the camera – it was worth the purchase and time spent to use it.

The full set of images can be seen on Flickr.