I picked up the wonderfully built autofocus beast that is the Nikon F6, and ran film through it to test the body metering, as well as to export shot data to scans using a Meta35 adapter I bought. The AF lenses worked nicely with F6, and metering seemed accurate based on the scans.

In order to get Lightroom to apply lens profiles to the scans, I had no make copies of the profiles that normally only work with raw files, edit a flag that changes the raw-only application of them to false, and then move them into my library of lens profiles in my account in OS X. At that point, I had lens corrections for the four lenses I used on the roll. Sometimes the vignette correction was too much, and I backed it off accordingly per shot.

Nikon F6
Fuji Superia Reala 100
Meta35 for EXIF data

20mm f/2.8D
35mm f/2D
50mm f/1.4G
85mm f/1.4D