Sometimes it’s not about planning.

I’d been up with my girlfriend and her friend visiting from Chicago since 3am shooting a bike race that started at 4am. Our visitor Diana wanted to see the sunrise in Houston. We had regrouped back at the house and it hit me that seeing James Turrell’s Skyspace at Rice University would be a unique way to experience first light.

Fog had been rolling around overnight, and it was still there when we arrived at Twilight Epiphany. I was able to capture the mist wrapping around the installation from a few angles while we walked around and inside the space.

Back to planning and serendipity. If we had gone straight to Rice after the race, we probably would have had issues getting in. A Campus Police officer saw us when we arrived, and let us know that there was an active alarm in the space. They were able to let someone know we were there, and we had a good view inside watching the light show without incident.