I’d never heard of the Bronica GS-1 until I saw a listing for one and some lenses online. The kit was for the body with a grip, an unmetered prism, two 120 backs, a Polaroid back, the 65mm, 100mm, and 150mm lenses, and a Pentax Digital Spotmeter. It also included the original paperwork – invoice, manuals, and film log from the original owner. The 6×7 system is big and reminds me of using my Mamiya RB67 and RZ67, but without the rotating back. The grip really helps in stability while focusing and composing a shot. Even though the finder screen is matte, seeing what’s in focus isn’t that hard. I ran black and white through the Bronica for the first test roll, and I like the results when there’s a good distance between foreground and background. Overall everything is sharp where depth of field allows for something to be in focus. The next roll will be Kodak Ektar 100, so I’m looking forward to seeing how color looks on these lenses.

Bronica GS-1
Bronica Zenzanon PG 100mm f/3.5
Kodak TMAX 100