This is a solid tank of an SLR from Minolta released in 1974. When in manual mode, a needle on the right of the viewfinder indicates the speed of the electronically-controlled metal shutter to use based on the selected aperture, from 4s up to 1/1000s. If you rotate the shutter speed dial to “Auto”, the camera sets the shutter for you. The selected aperture and shutter speed are visible in the top of the viewfinder next to each other; the shutter speed switches to “A” in auto mode.

The dial on the top left of the body lets you set the film speed 12-3200 and exposure compensation +-2. For long exposures, you can close the finder with a switch to its left. A couple of nice touches for power are the on/off switch for the meter to the right of the finder, and a battery check switch on the left of the body that lights a red LED if the batteries are good. There’s also a switch attached to the film advance lever that you use to take multiple exposures.

Minolta XE-7
Minolta MD 50mm f/1.7
Kodak Gold 100